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45 Slayleigh Lane, Sheffield S10 3RG       Tel  0114 230 3201

Susan Pawsey - Osteopath  

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Osteopathy - What to Expect

My one aim is to help you back to optimum health!


When you visit me for the first time, in the privacy of my therapy room, I will take a full and detailed case history. This will include your general health, past medical history, any additional medical care you are having and what medication you are taking. I may ask ask about the sort of life you lead, what exercise you like to take, what family responsibilities you have, and what activities you are involved in on a daily basis. As an Osteopath I ask a lot of these lifestyle questions but it  enables me to build a fuller picture about you. All information you provide is in strict confidence.


I will then examine you so that I can assess which movements are restricted, or which are giving rise to discomfort. Depending on the problem I may ask you to remove some of your clothing and to perform a simple series of movements and stretches


I will then examine the health of the joints, tissues and ligaments using my hands and a trained highly developed sense of touch (known as palpation). This allows me to identify any points of weakness, tenderness or excessive strain enabling me to complete my diagnosis.


I will give you a clear explanation of what I have found and tell you whether or not I believe your condition will benefit from Osteopathic treatment.


I will then draw up a suitable treatment plan with you.


It is important that I explain to you fully about the treatment I propose and that you fully understand what will be involved and how you may react to it.  


I will also encourage you to discuss with me any worries you may have concerning the treatment and to ask me about any of the procedures.  If I feel it appropriate I may seek your permission to contact your GP, maybe to request an x-ray, or to share my findings and concerns


I may also give you a few exercises to perform at home - but never more than three .





Treatment room

Each appointment is of 30 minutes duration and costs £40

(cash or cheque only)



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